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DVD MikeSITE STATUS: We're working to get everything posted. The good news is that our reviews of the top 2 pieces of DVD copy software are done! Read the reviews of 1Click DVD Copy and DVDfab Platinum. The rest will be up soon.Video Jack

Hello There, welcome to Ok, so the reviews may not be that "super-amazing" as far as reviews go, but they are certainly informative. You're obviously here because you want to get information on software that will allow you to  copy and backup your DVDs.  Well, let us tell you that you came to the right place. We've reviewed the top DVD copy software solutions here and give you the essential information you require to help you make the right choices. We've tested a variety of software on various criteria and give you our opinion as to how they rate. 

You might be asking yourself what makes us such experts? There's no better expert on the usability of any product than the person who uses it regularly and frequently. That's us! We are real users with real world, extensive experience with the DVD Copy software that we've reviewed. Between us, at one time or another we've used every piece of software listed on this site. So our reviews reflect our experiences with the software and everything that goes along with that, such as usability, feature set and support for example.  You have to use any software regularly to know it complexities, it's good points and it's short comings.   We're not editors or testers that use a piece of software once or twice and say here is everything you need to know. Software is not something you truly get to know by merely using it once or twice, just like you don't really get to know someone until you've lived with them for a while. Well, we've be "living" with DVD Copy software since it was born in 1999-2000.  So DVD copy software and us, we go way back and know each other very well.

In fact we've even created our very own low cost solution to help you backup your DVD movie collection. It's our DVD Backup Guide and it shows you how to use free software to backup your DVDs. It's mainly for those who have a bit of experience with computers and know their way around. If you're looking for a simpler "1 Click" type solutions then just check out our reviews of the top DVD Copy Software below: 

Ranked #1: 1Click DVD Copy

Ranked #2:  DVDfab Platinum

Ranked #3: DVD Cloner - Coming Soon!

Ranked #4: Clone DVD (Slysoft) - Coming Soon!

Ranked #5: Clone DVD (DVDX Studios) - Coming Soon!

Ranked #6: DVD NeXt Copy - Coming Soon!

Ranked #7: DVD Wizard - Coming Soon!