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DVD Mike Image1Click DVD Copy Pro has all the great features of 1Click DVD Copy plus more. So you may be asking what exactly is the difference between 1Click DVD Copy 5 and 1Click DVD Copy Pro? The answer, in two words, is "flexibility" and "control". 1Click DVD Copy Pro give you more control over the DVD copy process. It's allows you greater control over compression settings, what content to copy or not to copy, selection of audio tracks and offers other features as well. If all you want to do is click and copy then 1Click DVD Copy 5 is for you. However, if you want to get a little more into the nittygritty of things, like me, then the $20 extra you pay for 1Click DVD Copy Pro is well worth it. Check out the feature comparison between the two pieces of software below:

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Compare 1Click DVD Copy with 1Click DVD Copy Pro
1Click DVD Copy -VS- 1Click DVD Copy Pro
Product Name 1 Click DVD Copy 1 Click DVD Copy Pro
Purchase at Lowest Price
Product Image 1 Click DVD Copy 1 Click DVD Copy Pro
CPRx error correction technology. Yes Yes
Make a high quality copy of just the movie or include the extras Yes Yes
Copies Episodic DVD Movies; TV Series, etc. Yes Yes
Error correction for scratched DVDs Yes Yes
Copy a DVD movie on one disc - no need to split Yes Yes
Copy extras, menus, subtitles and audio languages Yes Yes
Copy 'Movie Only' and preserve menus and chapters Yes Yes
Copy a movie from DVD files on your hard disk Yes Yes
Copy a movie to your hard disk. (Great for on a laptop) Yes Yes
Free updates and technical support Yes Yes
Free DVD/CD burning application included Yes Yes
Copy Presets - One click preset for each type of DVD copy   Yes
Preview the movie, extras and menus   Yes
Choose which extras to include or exclude based on preview   Yes
Select one or more audio tracks including Dolby Digital AC3 and DTS   Yes
Select one or more subtitle language tracks   Yes
Preserve both aspect ratios on movies - wide screen / full screen   Yes
Control the amount of video compression used   Yes



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